Weefab Toys: Print collateral and ads

Weefab Toys: Print collateral and ads2019-01-28T20:10:31+00:00

Project Description

Weefab Toys is a modern wooden toy brand that differentiates itself from the industry by appealing to a sense of timeless style, simplicity and purpose.

Marketing collateral for Weefab Toys needed to have a consistent message across all medium, from ad copy and slogans to graphic explanations that showed the many features of the unique toy line… Or how we dubbed it:  “Toys that Weevolve”.

Weefab Toys:  Consumer Catalog

This mini catalog was aimed at consumers and accompanied the original product launch 2013.

Weefab Toys: Dealer and Distributor Catalog

This catalog accompanied the 2014 product launch for US toy dealers and reps.

Weefab Toys: Weerol Manual

Weefab Toys: Packaging

Weefab Toys:  Website graphics

Our Team

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Our Mission

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