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Project Description

Case Study: Weefab Toys

Launching a modern toy brand

Project Brief

In 2011, Brandaddy co-founder and designer Derek Perkins created an innovative multi-use modern wood toy that reconfigured into 8 shapes depending on a child’s stage of development and play style.  A brand launch strategy would need to be created in just 3 months.

The challenge was crafting a strategy that told the story and communicated the values of the founder while highlighting the unique traits of the product line.

From brand development, print collateral, website design, video production and product packaging,  Brandaddy provided the whole enchilada, helping to launch an international toy brand in a truncated time frame

The Identity: begin with the brand

We begin our process by getting to know the business, researching related companies and constructing  a brand identity.  This involves naming, logo development and taglines that are used as the core creative guidance  for everything that follows.

A name says it all

A great brand name condenses the essence of your business.  Developing a name, whether for a company or a product, is one of the most important challenges facing your business. The right name can leave a lasting impression and set you apart from the competition,  connecting with your customers on a visceral level.

For this project, we were looking for a unique, unregistered name of 6 letters or less that communicated growth, play and modernity with secondary values of eco-friendly and hand craft.  The process consisted of 3 rounds.

Weefab was our winner.   “wee” communicates both childhood and fun.  “Fab” indicates “fabrication” and “fabulous” while also evoking the imagery of the modern design movement of “prefab” architecture.

A tagline was selected:  “Toys that Weevole”  a play on  the name and the evolutionary functionality of the flagship product.

The main line was dubbed “weerol”

Logo Development

A range of wordmarks were created with  a concentration on modern but playful fonts.   It was decided that more rounded, sans-serif  fonts that evoked modern era design would best represent the brand.weefabmockups

We decided on Dessau, a bold, modern font that would be used across the branding of the range of products in the Weefab line.


weefabwordmarkIntegrated into oud logo was a stylized butterfly, signifying transformation, growth, aspiration and movement.

The Strategy: A Toy Story

Every great marketing strategy is built on a compelling story.  The main marketing messages for the weefab launch concentrated  on the features and values behind the flagship product, weerol, and the story of the designer, Derek Perkins.  prototyping and testing different marketing messages early on will tell you which strategies make strong connections with consumers.   We identified 4 main marketing strategies to build from.

 1. The Designer

A personal story of innovation and craft was told through graphics and video that eventually were integrated as part of a kickstarter launch.  This would be the underlying foundation of the brand.

2. A toy that grows with your child.

A number of themes were explored that graphically and verbally described how weerol “grows with your child”.

Test marketing discovered that this was the strongest of our concepts .   Our product messaging leads with this theme.

3. A modern toy that transforms safely with ease.

Weerol is a transformation toy.   Graphics were created that illustrate this simply and effectively.  This was our secondary theme, concentrating on aesthetics, ease of use  and safety features.

4. A toy that honors our environment.

We concluded that our fourth message would be “green”.  The materials and processes used in the manufacturing of weerol are featured.

The Execution: Putting it all together

A strategy is worth little without proper planning and consistent execution.  One we had our marketing strategy in place, we implemented it across multiple platforms at a very fast pace.


Condensing our messaging to both consumer and dealer level catalogues was the next step to the brand launch.  The color palates, graphics and messaging were re-interpreted for print in a way that both took advantage of the existing standards while also adapting to a static medium.


Using our graphics standards, packing was developed for the line.  Since the product required thorough visual explanationit was essential to create clear, communicating graphics that explained the functionality while remaining simple and clean enough to feature the modern beauty of the line.  Weerol packaging made use of all sides of the box to display each product story and feature which helped greatly in retail sell-through.

The Kickstart

Weerol launched on the kickstarter funding platform in August 2012, generating over 38k in  pre-orders.  Our campaign featured a 4 minute video produced by Brandaddy, integrating the graphic, marketing and strategy elements we developed.  Through the feedback received, we fine-tuned the branding and graphics standards. for the product rollout in January 2013.


The Website

We have been proud to host and maintain, a modern, responsive website integrating woocommerce modules and payment gateways.  The site displays our main philosophy to create simple, elegant sites that communicate a core marketing message and convert sales through compelling video and graphics.

Our Team

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Our Mission

Brandaddy helps emerging businesses create or refine their brand identity by helping them showcase and communicate what makes them special. We use strategy, technology and design to connect brands and people by identifying the things they are passionate and meaningful: the products, services and experiences that support their lifestyle and matter in culture.