Yamaha Waverunner FX SHO/SVHO and Superjet

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Project Description


I always enjoy the opportunity to take the lessons I’ve learned in the motorcycle industry and apply them to other products. I was very happy to work with the good folks at GKDI, who design exclusively for Yamaha. They had nice things to say about the work in my portfolio and I was honored by their invitation to join them in their Long Beach office for a week. Along with a handful of other designers from around the globe, we devoured the market reports, did some firsthand research, and rolled up our sleeves to create a few designs that would appeal to buyers.


While the form of the watercraft went unchanged, we were tasked with giving a few models a fresh look. These are the two receiving the brunt of my mouse-work. These are the race-inspired  FX SHO model above and the FX SVHO model below, featuring the new Super Vortex High Output motor.fx-svho-blue-950x584

The Superjet racer also got a bit of love. While the task at hand during the design session was the FX models, it was cool to see the team apply one of those concepts to the Superjet.superjet-2-950x633

Working with the GKDI team was a great experience. They’re a talented group who are obviously passionate about what they do. What’s more they work as a team, looking for the best solutions they can find.



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